Best eSign software: review 2021

Electronic signature software is an ideal solution for remotely signing digital documents, which will greatly simplify the transaction process. At the same time, everyone has long known that using PDF files to create and send a document is a more reliable way than printing, signing, and sending them in the physical world. Recently, PDF files have become part of the best eSign software, so putting electronic signatures on documents has become twice as convenient. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best eSign programs to make your work with confidential documents much easier.

Adobe Sign Review

Adobe Sign is one of the most famous esigns software, with a world-renowned developer. As such, Adobe Sign just couldn’t let its reputation down and tries to offer as many useful features as possible. First of all, it gives you the ability to use it in both a web app and a mobile version so you can sign from anywhere. The developers also took care of security, so the program offers an authentication service and a function to personalize the signature.

The program has recently released an update to improve the regulatory requirements for medical companies. Adobe Sign is also compatible with all Microsoft Office programs.

DocuSign Overview

DocuSign has a huge customer base that exceeds 200 million users. This popularity is since the program is very easy and efficient to use so that you can sign documents in any environment in a few clicks.

DocuSign is very convenient because it’s integrated with a bunch of mobile apps, as well as Google, Windows, Apple, and SalesForce. The developers have taken good care of their customers’ security and have built modern encryption and data protection methods into the program. The software has a high level of EU certification.

Test out DocuSign with a free 30-day trial before ordering the full-service package.

Secure signing

Secure signing is a cloud-based e-signature software so it can be easily accessed through any device. This fact can be considered both a plus and a minus at the same time, so this software costs a bit less than the others.

However, the software still provides many useful services, such as:

  • Video confirmation feature that recognizes the person who signed the document, which will help avoid document forgery
  • Document reconciliation function
  • Possibility to invite other users to sign
  • The program is perfectly compatible with Pdf files

The cost of the plan depends on the number of documents that need to be signed. A normal plan contains 10 documents to be signed per month.

OneSpan Sign Review

If you want to use a proven electronic signature program, OneSpan Sign is just one of them, because it’s used by globally successful companies like IBM, BMW, and even the US Army.

This may even scare some people, but the vendor itself says that the program is great for businesses of all sizes, has a simple interface, and is suitable for many different devices. This is obvious, but the security of the program is also top-notch. Integrations with other programs like Salesforce, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Dynamics are available, and you should check the price of the plan with the vendor.